Commonly known as OSB, is a type of particle board which is made of carefully positioned strands of wood. Aspen and other similar woods are cut into long strands parallel to the grain of the wood. It is manufactured into sheets made up of wood strands, wax, and resin adhesive. You might have spotted in many places but you weren't sure of what it was. Not just for decking? At REXE Roofing, as roofing specialists, we usually use the OSB - 3 boards as decking materials as opposed to other materials because of it's advantageous properties.
  1. It's a lightweight material ( The lightest decking material)
  2. It is suitable for load bearing applications. (Reduces need for more support structures)
  3. It is an excellent choice for humid structural applications. Especially in areas experiencing frequent rains or humid conditions.
  4. It's size allows for less use of timber or steel in roof structures (Comes in sizes of 8 by 4 feet) 2.44 meters by 1.22 meters.
OSB - 3 boards have a number of other applications due to the very same properties Read more
Despite the numerous legislative and regulatory efforts to streamline trade in Kenya, the plague has continued to thrive. The existence of various laws set up to stop illicit trade has not been of much help since such crimes have been deemed as petty crimes because they are considered victim less crimes. Read more
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Misconceptions of shingles

When new technology is introduced to the market there tends to be a lot of myths surrounding it due to lack of information.These myths often mislead us. We tend to believe what we hear and don't research more on what we know. It's important to understand about a product before we buy it. Both the pro's and cons.  

Why are the laminated shingles popular?

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What's new this year?

Introducing storage tanks

We care about our clients and want to give them the best services this year. For your convenience, we are now a one stop shop. Feel free to go through our website and view a variety of our roofing products. If your roof needs it, we got it. We gave you a good roof for sheltering your house and gutters for harvesting water. Now introducing Rexe storage tanks to combine with our roof and gutters. No need to worry about collecting rain water any more. No more water bills during the rainy season. Save your money over January. We also offer delivery services at a charge depending on your location.Read more
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